3lb XR Accelerator

VR Workout

XRWorkout, as a health and fitness company, aimed to create the full body fitness app of the future. Their team of passionate health and fitness enthusiasts sought to leverage cutting edge virtual and mixed reality technologies to create an application – VRWorkout – that would allow users to experience high quality virtual reality workouts. The [...]
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TMC Press

Have you been following along with our social media? We have some exciting news about our work with Tucson Medical Center! We partnered with TMC to create a training program for nurses, patient care technicians, and environmental services staff to address both work responsibilities and high-risk, problematic tasks in a health care setting, and the […]

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An Introduction to VR Training

So you’ve heard about the benefits of virtual reality training, and you’ve got just one question: why would you get into VR? How is it better than augmented reality (AR), and what’s the difference between that and mixed reality (MR)? That’s a great question (or series of questions)! Rather than digging too deeply into the […]

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