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3lbXR’s mission is to accelerate the spatial computing landscape through strategic, thoughtful and sustained immersive content development. To accomplish this goal, we have created a suite of solutions that support 2 key audiences.

Spatial computing and generative AI creators as they successfully build their companies, create XR content, and engage customers across immersive platforms.
Enterprise clients and brands who want solutions that deliver real value through digital transformation, marketing, training, and more.

XR Solutions

At 3lb XR, we build and deliver extended reality (XR) solutions. With 45+ combined years of XR design, development, and implementation experience, we build our technologies on an industry-leading game engine, creating the most compelling applications for the latest hardware. We leverage our gaming background to create immersive environments through audial, visual, and kinesthetic interfaces that increase user adoption and retention.

Available Services:

  • XR application development
  • Enterprise rollout and onboarding services
  • Gamification of learning objectives
  • Establish ROI and metrics for success
  • XR Roadmap strategy and planning
  • Enterprise XR application commercialization


3lb XR is ready to advance the adoption of VR and AR solutions in the logistics industry, increasing efficiency, safety, and creating new opportunities for growth. Our XR solutions will provide cost savings, training and procedural improvements, and prepare the industry for generational attrition – all essential in this competitive market.

We are able to develop pilot applications in the following areas:

  • AR Remote assist
  • Virtual punch lists
  • Hazard identification
  • Health and safety with ergonomics
  • Impossible scenarios
  • Compliance checks
  • Multiplayer mentoring


3lb XR improves patient outcomes and increases efficiencies by driving the widespread adoption of XR training beyond the surgical suite. Our VR training care bundle was developed in partnership with Tucson Medical Center. It includes daily room and transmission based cleaning protocols, and other transmission-based precautions like fall prevention and suicide prevention. These bundles are designed to reduce the number of never and sentinel events, targeting 1,000 staff members including registered nurses, primary care technicians, and environmental services personnel.

Our XR solutions produce metrics and analytics with solid KPIs, providing the highest level care and lowering institutional costs.

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3lb XR can create a multitude of XR solutions for manufacturing enterprises.

It’s a fantastic way for businesses to display their products to clients – whether on a surface level or by exploring the innards of a complicated system.

XR offers incredible opportunities including remote-hands-on training and supervision, completely safe training for hazardous situations to prepare for emergencies, providing remote assistance for students or new employees, collaboration (and more!), all with advanced analytics to analyze and enhance future experiences.

Food and Beverage

Culinary Academy of Las Vegas

3lb XR successfully completed a project that developed VR training applications in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in conjunction with the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas (CALV), the country’s leading non-profit hospitality training center.

CALV students completed vital Covid-19 health and safety training through engaging, gamified applications.

Having established the case for this domain, 3lb will continue to develop hospitality training applications that can be commercialized on the B2B market.

Immersive Games

Gaming provides ways to encourage, inspire, and build critical thinking skills. Interaction and repetition build familiarity with the content.

Benefits include:

  • Improved spatial awareness
  • Better reflexes
  • Memory for task retention
  • Improved sequential recall
  • Engaging progression mechanics

Track, Report, and Analyze

Reality Link: Our XR service that links the virtual world with real-world outcomes.

3lb XR provides the necessary XR strategy and training that enable enterprises to smoothly adopt this new technology. Reality Link provides the reporting and analytics that allow stakeholders to make data-based decisions.

XR Onboarding

XR Onboarding covers the essentials of engaging comfortably with a virtual world. Users learn how to navigate VR applications after mastering a variety of movement styles, leading to more enjoyable and productive experiences.

Programs and Partners


We created 3lb XR to develop solutions and build knowledge. It only made sense to name the company after the human brain. Its average weight? Three pounds.

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3lb XR’s combination of formative XR development experience and a deep background in gaming leads to immersive applications, optimized for the most compelling hardware, that increases user adoption and retention.

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