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Corporate “spaces and places” will not be enough to attract ongoing spatial computing participation at an immense scale without functional, beautiful and fun activities to engage visitors. Software developers will become the creative backbone of immersive environments and experiences as engagement becomes ubiquitous.

3lbXR mentors spatial computing creators in three key ways:

Creative Technology

  • Adaptable and reusable design
  • Custom content creation
  • Cross-platform code solutions
  • Latest in AI project assistance and documentation

Go-to-Market & Distribution

  • Direct-to-market sales channels
  • Strategic alliances with robust XR marketplaces
  • Access to consumer app stores
  • Partnerships with all major hardware manufacturers

Support & Managed Services

  • GroKit Core
  • Project consulting and road mapping
  • Enterprise development training

A battle-tested team

Robin Moulder and the 3lb team have vast experience with immersive content creation and engineering, entrepreneurship as well as internet incubators.

Go farther, faster

Over the years 3lb has created vast libraries of proprietary technology frameworks that are easily shareable and ready for immediate deployment.

Managed services

Reality Link and Grokit, support clients long-term and drive significant ongoing revenue for 3lbXR.

Expanded capabilities

Partner ecosystems created with a wide range of successful companies expand 3lbXR’s capabilities beyond their core offerings.

Cost effective

Network of vetted partners provides an additional advantage of reducing fixed costs while maintaining high-quality services

3lbXR has expertise around 4 key verticals:

Health & Wellness

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

Manufacturing, Logistics & Transportation

Games & Entertainment

Programs and Partners