VR Workout

XRWorkout, as a health and fitness company, aimed to create the full body fitness app of the future. Their team of passionate health and fitness enthusiasts sought to leverage cutting edge virtual and mixed reality technologies to create an application – VRWorkout – that would allow users to experience high quality virtual reality workouts.

The initial version of the application attracted interest from headset manufacturers, software publishers, investors, and industry insiders, but needed serious tech upgrades for scalability and reliability, as well as enhancements and game polish to move forward.

Enter 3lbXR. The team identified four key areas where their expertise could be used to bring XRWorkout’s vision to reality.

Application Development.

Through the implementation of 3lbXR’s proprietary systems, code libraries, and production pipeline, the team, alongside XRWorkout, successfully rebuilt the original Godot-based VRWorkout application into a Unity project. This allowed for increased graphical fidelity and versatility for continued XR development. The 3lbXR development team also successfully upgraded to the latest MR technology – including passthrough and hand-tracking – which ensured the application would continue to take advantage of key features planned for the next generation of VR/AR headsets. Through 3lbXR’s technical direction and rapid development tools, XRWorkout was able to launch a high-quality application with improved optimization, frame rate, and user experience.

Unity Training

Because 3lbXR is an accelerator working towards building up a community of successful XR businesses and products, Unity training for the XRWorkout development team was part of the engagement. This training and mentorship ensured that the XRWorkout team will be able to continue to build new features while reducing development costs.

Art Direction

Another important area of engagement for the 3lbXR team was to assist in the application’s artistic direction by 3lb’s creative team, including reskinning the graphics and enhancing the UI. The results speak for themselves: stunning environments and props with a high polish that lead to a deeply immersive and comfortable user experience.

XR Industry Consulting and Network Building

By accelerating XRWorkout’s development as an equity partner, 3lb was able to lean on industry relationships – formed over nearly a decade working in the immersive space – to provide resources and connections. This industry consulting and outreach helped XRWorkout refine their marketing and sales strategy, strengthen relationships with hardware manufacturers and virtual reality application marketplaces, and explore more B2B partnership opportunities.

Working in an advisory position, the 3lb leadership collaborated closely with the XRWorkout team as the company grew, hiring key positions, executing investment strategy, and road mapping for future development and commercialization.


Through their partnership with 3lbXR – with industry expertise, technical resources, and professional support – XRWorkout was able to accelerate their software development and reach all milestones necessary for a successful launch to the Meta app store. This launch increased the application’s active user count by 30k users a month, securing another Meta development agreement for continued expansion. With a 4-star average rating and 4000 user accounts (and growing!) Today, XRWorkout continues to bring a uniquely immersive and engaging VR workout experience to the rapidly growing health and fitness industry.

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