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Launching Pioneer Spatial Computing Creators & Clients

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3lbXR’s mission is to help spatial computing creators through strategic, thoughtful and sustained immersive content development. To accomplish this goal, we have created a suite of solutions that support 2 key audiences.

Spatial computing creators as they successfully build their companies, create XR content, and engage customers across immersive platforms.
Enterprise clients and brands who want solutions that deliver real value through digital transformation, marketing, training, and more.

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VRWorkout aimed to be the most effective workout in virtual reality. Their team of passionate health and fitness enthusiasts sought to leverage cutting edge virtual and mixed reality technologies to create an application that allows users to experience high quality virtual reality workouts. Enter 3lbXR.



Spatial computing developers will become the creative backbone of immersive environments and experiences as this technology becomes a part of everyday life. Join us to learn more about how we support the ecosystem.


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